FAQ and FGA from White River Lodge

As co-owner and manager of our lodge/home, I’ve often thought it might be a good idea to write down some FAQ with my Frequently Given Answers for our Bed and Breakfast business.  But when sitting down to do so, I’ve given it up because it’s just not that easy to give a definitive answer to some questions.  There seems to be a lot of “It Depends Answers”.  For instance, today when checking the WRL Google My Business (GMB) listing, there were no “open hours” listed—now, Google is extremely important to the success of my business, appreciate being listed and try to give it due diligence—but, that business-hours section has stalled me several times.  You see, I must use their no word format, a daily __to __ schedule.  Maybe I should just put in 9am to 5pm but wait a minute—does that mean, the lodge is open to the public during those hours? Will we have unexpected folks showing up for breakfast?  Will guests think that applies to them and they can’t spend the night, or is that for telephone calls or office hours?  When a non-guest has called or stop by wanting breakfast or even if a guest wishes to purchase another prepared meal, we must explain that by law we are not allowed to do that—it would require a restaurant license and insurance, and more.  With our B&B license and insurance, we are only allowed to prepare breakfast/snacks for “guests” staying at the lodge as included in the room rate.  We are inspected each year by our county’s health department as part of renewing our state lodging license.  Bill’s fishing guide service doesn’t have a certain location or time, but they want me to fill those hours in on his GMB page too—where’s the “by appointment only” or “Call First” box?  Generally, I have just left it undone but the “bots” don’t seem to like that and send reminders and then there’s the part where anyone can answer questions about my business!  Don’t even get me started about the other erroneous third-party info out there. Alas, it looks like I still didn’t get a FAQ page done but our official website will give you most “what, when, where, how, why” answers and for those It Depends Q&As, just email, text, or call (9am-9pm) if you’re not a robot or spammer—we are happy to answer questions.  Thanks for reading and we hope to see you at the Lodge. #BookDirect for the best we offer.

Becky Babler, WRL innkeeper 417-779-1556


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