Top of the Rock reopens

Top of the Rock taken from White River Lodge

Top of the Rock taken from White River Lodge June 2, 2014

Back in June of 2005 when White River Lodge opened, one of our favorite local restaurants was Top of the Rock owned by Bass Pro’s Johnny Morris.  Unfortunately after a kitchen fire the next month it was closed for repairs–fast forward to June 2014–BP is hosting the Legends of Golf tournament at Top of the Rock.  It’s new name is “Johnny Morris’ Top of the Rock Ozarks Heritage Preserve” and it consists of many lovely things:  An amazing Par-3 golf course and driving range, a fine dining restaurant, a Mexican restaurant, Wine Cellar, Bar, Chapel, a golf cart nature trail, beautiful views and landscaping, and coming soon, a Natural History Museum!  I forgot to mention all the big ROCKS trucked in from Arkansas–we often got behind one of those trucks in the nine years remodel and wondered about that growing wall of rocks and what was going on behind there.  After it opened to the public in June, many of my guests went to eat and some even played the golf course.  We often heard about the golf cart ride that went through a cave so when my sister came for a visit at the end of Oct., we went to check it out.  We arrived at the entrance near the junction of 86 and 65 and headed to their Welcome Center–yep, there were many golf carts lined up–we went inside and signed the paperwork, paid the $20 per person fee, and got our four person electric cart.  I have never driven a golf cart before but the basics were explained and the golf cart looked over for any pre-existing boo boos–yes, it will be checked when you return but you can buy insurance before–and we were off.  It was a perfect fall day and the trees, views, and man-made water falls, bridges and even a cave were all scenic and just fun.  The trail was two and a half miles long but you go at your own pace and there are pull offs to take a picture or two but rules say to stay in your cart and there are no “go agains” so enjoy it the first time.  We gave it 2 thumbs up.  Enjoy the pictures below.

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