New Places to Eat near White River Lodge and Table Rock Lake, Blue Eye

Here at White River Lodge we’re always on the look-out for new places for us and our guests to eat and we’re so pleased there are several good ones in our area.  One mile west on 86 from our road UU is JJ Junction Market Corner and there is now a food trailor parked there called Redeye’s BBQ.  They are open Wed.-Sun. 11am-7pm and have ribs, deli sandwiches hamburgers, hot dogs, fresh french fries and pizza made to order.  They make their own buns too!  Call ahead to order, pick it up and bring it back to the lodge to eat or maybe take it with you for a picnic at a park or on the water.  Continuing on 86 W for 4 more miles is Blue Eye Burgers at the junction of 13 to Blue Eye and 86W.  The new owners have remodeled the

building with nice inside and outside eating areas.  Anytime I’ve gone by its parking lot has been full–must be good!  Going on west 86 for 1-2 more miles, on another curve is Raymonds Mexican and American restaurant.  It has been their a long time but had an owner change a while back.  Bill and I have been enjoying their good Mexican food with generous portions at a reasonable price.  I’ve heard from others that their other cuisine is good too.  Just be sure you bring cash–they don’t take credit cards or checks.

Back the other direction from UU on 86E one mile before you cross over Long Creek bridge is Twin Island Market and Restaurant.  The diner is now under new ownership.  Yes, there’s still Friday night catfish and a Saturday night special and they’re open for lunch most days, too.

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