BBIM Celebrates 25 years with a bonus for Bed and Breakfast fans!

About 10 years ago Bill and I joined the Bed and Breakfast Inns of Missouri (BBIM) as aspiring innkeepers.  While we had already started the process of building a lodge B&B, we found BBIM’s professional guidance very helpful.  Then in May of 2004, we attended an aspiring innkeeper’s workshop in Springfield, MO on “Bed and Breakfast Inns and Outs”.  Gary Blankenship of Walnut Street Inn started out the workshop with what it takes to be an innkeeper and then sessions followed on planning and zoning requirements, safety, advertising, legal issures, food preparation, financing, budgets and taxes–I still have that notebook (the three ring binder type).  A year from that workshop we opened White River Lodge and a month later after having met the requirements and having our BBIM official inspection and overnight stay, we became full members and joined around 100 other professional BBIM properties whose innkeepers welcomed and supported us by sharing their experiences, wisdom, and recommending us for lodging, too.

A lot has changed in those ten years mostly due to the internet but BBIM has kept up with those changes while continuing to promote its members as a “Better Way to Stay”.  Now be our guests and get a 25% bonus when you use a BBIM gift certificate at a member inn before April 2014.   For procedures and requirements on obtaining a bonus voucher on a BBIM gift certificate or purchasing a new one,  go to the BBIM website–you won’t even have to listen to a sales presentation.    And all member inns love to redeem BBIM gift certificates–no commissions.

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