Are you green when you travel?

Earth Day is April 22 but we should take care of our beautiful earth everyday.  Lately, I’ve been receiving emails from directories wondering if we are a “green” business (and of course would you like to take our survey and be promoted as such, etc.)  Our log lodge is very green with its building material being dead standing beetle-killed timber, harvested and cut into D-logs, flooring, and beams.  They’re naturally energy efficient as well.  Inside, our kitchen cabinets are made from recycled warehouse roofing and interior doors from barn rafters.  We also have Missouri cedar log (renewable resource) bedroom furniture.  Of course, we chose these things to fit our design but the “green” aspects are nice too.  Building the B&B from scratch, we were able to choose energy efficient windows, HVAC, appliances and water saving toilets and fixtures.  But what about my guests, they’re on vacation–should they be green too?  Though certainly not a requirement, we have found most of our guests care at home so also care on vacation.  They reuse towels and sheets, turn off lights, TV when leaving, and recycle cans and plastic bottles or bring their own re-useable bottles just like at home.  I have found if it’s a habit, it’s easier to do all the time.  During the hot dry summer, I got started emptying the leftover ice water from glasses at breakfast into a bucket in my sink so we could use it to water plants outside.  Now, I automatically look for the bucket.  I still have plenty of bad habits but we all can change some to good.  Enjoy Earth Day–there’s plenty of ways to renew and save.  My new Reservation Key booking program has been saving me time and if you stay at White River Lodge for two or more nights from April 21-30, enter promo-code “Earth” and it will take $25 off your online reservation.

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