Dogwood Canyon-A White River Lodge favorite

Dogwood Canyon is now open for the 2011 season.  This 2,200 acre nature park is only 10 miles on 86 west from our UU/86 junction.  There is a variety of ways to enjoy the canyon, a White River Lodge guest favorite all year long.  You may walk their 3 miles in / 3 miles back paved trail and enjoy various points of interest along the way. ($8.95)  They do give you a guide pamphlet to help get the most from your journey.  If you prefer wheels, you may bring your own bike for the walking trail price or rent one of theirs if available for $17.95.  Segway, Tram, and Jeep Tours are also available with a reservation.  The Tram tour ($25.95) takes about 2 hours and goes further into the property where they have bison, elk, and longhorns.  For more scenery, they also have horseback riding trails ($30).  They sell an “Adventure Pass” for multiple activities during the same day at $40.  The outdoor cafe has some yummy options.  There’s even a log chapel for weddings (hope you’ll honeymoon at White River Lodge).  For more information visit their website.

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